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Exploring New Frontiers

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About Us

We explore for rare metals, like Tantalum, through holding majority stakes in junior mining exploration companies or joint ventures. Our team controls and manages all of our projects direct. We operate in a social responsible way.


Our company explores for metals through majority shareholdings in junior mining exploration and mineral trading companies, mainly in Africa. The focus is on rarer metals like Tantalum and precious metals like Gold that have a high value for low volume and can be extracted via surface mining methods.

We believe that the long-term global macroeconomic outlook is positive for the global metals, mining and resources sector. We further believe that the underlying supply and demand fundamentals of the minerals that the Company focus on are compelling given limited new supply coming on-line and production cutbacks by high cost mining operations against the background of demand from the industrialisation of emerging economies.


SUMO RESOURCES PLC, which is our holding company, is based and incorporated in London. Our holding company has established a subsidiary for Tantalum, Niobium and Gold exploration and trading in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It holds seventy five percent ownership in SR Tanmin with the balance owned by Congolese.

The Company has an established trading subsidiary in the United Arab Emirates which it owns one hundred percent. This entity enables global trade of minerals from various sources.

Our business structure allows us to take advantage of opportunities on a project basis with multiple local partners and enables our expansion plans.

Executive Team

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The SUMO RESOURCES team includes entrepreneurs and managers with a track record of success and a history of successfully working together. The management team has vast knowledge and experience of the conditions and operating environment in the areas where projects are targeted and prefers a strong hands-on style.

André Odendaal - Chief Executive Officer

André is an entreperneur. He studied Metallurgical  Engineering and has previous CEO  experience coupled with senior management positions at global industrial companies.

Herman Claassen – Chief Technology Officer

Herman is a BSc graduate. He has vast experience in designing innovative award winning technology solutions and managing large scale complex projects.

Social Responsibility

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We use the social investment component of our involvement to promote the best of both worlds by assisting selected partner communities with holistic packages of projects that bring both economic and transformational development.

Such an approach will respond to the felt-needs of the communities to address their most urgent problems, gainful employment, food production, healthcare, peace, water and education amongst others.

It seems that many investments in the past neglected the social and spiritual aspects of employers’ and employees’ lives and that such short sightedness led to unsustainable returns for all concerned. We want to be part of a new wave of holistic, evidence-based investment.

This type of ethical investment agenda, as espoused by SUMO RESOURCES is now recognized as one producing returns that are more reliable as well as profitable.

Conflict Mineral Policies

The SUMO RESOURCES group strives to be a good corporate citizen.  As such we have adopted and fully support the OECD Conflict Minerals Policy.

The conflict minerals policies for our operational companies can be viewed at the links below:

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