Our Plans

Sumo Resources is an exciting growth company with the potential to expand its asset base and operations rapidly. 

We are constantly evaluating growth opportunities. The next steps includes moving the African interests forward to become revenue generating subsidiaries and to develop the facilities for beneficiation of production close to source.

Our activities planned for the coming period include commencement of Gold and Tantalite exploration and the operation of Gold and Tantalite trading facilities.

The company is listed on the Euronext Paris Access segment under the symbol MLSUM with plans to move its listing to a more liquid segment or market to further improve access to capital for development.

For Investors

Investing in Mining has multiple benefits. Other than the potential of a return for investors it makes up a substantial part of the economies of many developing countries. Responsible mining can lift people out of poverty by offering economic opportunity, jobs and training. It generates tax revenues that governments can spend on services like health and education. The infrastructure built for it can be shared with local communities to supply electricity and water. Sumo Resources is a part of this.

Our Strenghts

 We have many things going for us. Some of our strong points include:

  • We are focused on commodities that are very relevant in our world today. With everything shifting towards a digital world at an ever increasing pace, the demand will continue to grow in a world with finite resources.

  • We have a capable and enthusiastic  management team that prefers to be hands on in the business. The team have a long history of working together and excellent industry and geography knowledge.

  • The Company is structured to be able to expand rapidly when new opportunities arise and provides the opportunity to share in the growing Africa/China trade.

  • Our commitment to social projects in the areas we operate makes the world a better place. We are making a contribution to improving the lives of the less privileged and to create employment.


Market Information

Information on the Security


Securities Number: A1W0G8

Short Code: MLSUM


CUSIP: G8564A 101

LEI: 213800HDAGNM94DOG629

Class: Bearer

Nominal Share Val in £: 0.10 

Authorized Capital  in £: 3,100,000

Authorized Shares: 31,000,000

Master Data


Euronext Paris Access

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Capital for Markets


Sub-Sector:General Mining

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