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Exploring New Frontiers

Hello and Welcome!

Our company is a pioneer exploring for rare minerals. Africa is our focus with its vast and unexplored terrains and rich natural resource deposits. Modern technology is expanding the frontiers of mining which enables us to search in remote places not previously possible. 


Sumo Resources PLC is a group holding company that acquires majority shareholdings in junior mining exploration and mineral trading businesses mainly in Africa.


We explore for viable properties that can be mined with less capital intensive surface and opencast mining techniques.


Tantalum is one of the minerals that we explore for. It is a rare, hard transition metal that is highly corrosion resistant and widely used in electronics. 



Kemp House

152 City Road

London EC1V 2NX

United Kingdom

+44 203 693 3820


Business Centre

Al Smookh Building

UAQ Free Trade Zone

Umm Al Quwain

United Arab Emirates

Investor Relations:

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